Worth It

Oh Dr.Seuss! Such great words to live by and remind our heart that life is precious. Fragile. Short. Yet beautiful beyond words. Life is a gift. Not easy. Not hard. But somewhere in between. And each day has such depth. So much worth. Life is a perfect balance of it all... "If it changes your … Continue reading Worth It

Walk Forever

It would be so awesome to visit heaven. Just for a few hours or a day. Take a quick walk through eternal bliss and say hello to our loved one. Just hang out for a little while. Oh how we wish for that... We might not physically walk up to heaven but we can always … Continue reading Walk Forever

Remembering You

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember the amazing people we lost and heaven gained. Days like today aren't easy. Some of us are moving forward, healing slowly while others are not quite there yet. Sometimes, it's a mix of both. And that's perfectly alright. Coping with a loss is tough. And healing takes … Continue reading Remembering You

Grief Is Love

We may have lost a loved one to a rare illness, an accident, crime, suicide, cancer and so forth. The world crumbles beneath you as you feel the loss pouring over your heart. Your mind is clouded and you're praying to make it through another day. And you will face another day. God will be … Continue reading Grief Is Love

The Depth of Gratitude

Gratitude is a nice companion to have beside you, guiding you throughout life's greatest blessings. The moment you wake up, you're given another day to live. Another chance to make today count. To love more and live fully. With every passing minute, hour or another day, we are given an opportunity to live, love life … Continue reading The Depth of Gratitude