A New Day

How beautiful it is to focus on the little blessings that mean so much... How much depth they carry to get us through... Faith, hope and the strongest of all... Love... The love surrounding us and the love we give to others. Beautiful unfailing love... And through it all, we are not alone. We put … Continue reading A New Day

Bit of Heaven

  Heaven is all around us. And those we love and lost will always remain near us. They will never leave or forget us. Just as we will never forget them. They will only surround us in their everlasting eternal love. And provide hope amidst our tears and pain. They are all around... "My dear … Continue reading Bit of Heaven

Worth It

Oh Dr.Seuss! Such great words to live by and remind our heart that life is precious. Fragile. Short. Yet beautiful beyond words. Life is a gift. Not easy. Not hard. But somewhere in between. And each day has such depth. So much worth. Life is a perfect balance of it all... "If it changes your … Continue reading Worth It

Walk Forever

It would be so awesome to visit heaven. Just for a few hours or a day. Take a quick walk through eternal bliss and say hello to our loved one. Just hang out for a little while. Oh how we wish for that... We might not physically walk up to heaven but we can always … Continue reading Walk Forever

Remembering You

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember the amazing people we lost and heaven gained. Days like today aren't easy. Some of us are moving forward, healing slowly while others are not quite there yet. Sometimes, it's a mix of both. And that's perfectly alright. Coping with a loss is tough. And healing takes … Continue reading Remembering You