Walk Forever

It would be so awesome to visit heaven. Just for a few hours or a day. Take a quick walk through eternal bliss and say hello to our loved one.

Just hang out for a little while.

Oh how we wish for that…

We might not physically walk up to heaven but we can always step away from reality. Take a break. Inhale the abundant love and exhale the stresses of life.

Just for a few minutes.

Visualize eternity…

images (3)

Smile and say hello. Ask a question or two. Perhaps a sign will be sent your way. You may be surprised…

So close your eyes and reach out to the beauty that lies above. Beyond the clouds. Across the oceans.

Just a short distance away…

Believe in miracles. Imagine the impossible and you’ll feel their divine presence.

I do it all the time and you can, too.


Enjoy your walk together…



3 thoughts on “Walk Forever

  1. Oh how I wish ♡ wouldn’t that be wonderful. I’m sure if this was possible the heartache we feel wouldn’t be as heartbreaking x I love the signs I get from my ‘forever 20’ year old son Jacob to let me know he’s still with me

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      1. Thanks x it’s been 2 & a half years, sometimes it feels like yesterday & other days the years seem like 100. Just have to live out the rest of my life in ways that would make him proud ♡


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