About Me

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My name is Ewelina Snyder and I am writing this blog in memory of my older sister whom I recently lost to stage 4 breast cancer. She died in our arms in our home surrounded by her family on April 5, 2017 at 10:30 p.m. In honor of her young and tragic death, I have dedicated a very eye-opening and personal memoir celebrating her 41 living years with us. And why so short-lived? Because CANCER took her from us. It invaded her entire body and left us in tears forever.

My thoughts on cancer…

Cancer is horrible. Just horrible. It kills us inside out and leads to a lifetime of hope, tears, emotional spirals, grief and desperate healing for all of us. 

Cancer. May you be wiped away from Earth. Forever. Please leave us alone and shut the door behind you. Oh and bring my sister back. I’d love that. Thanks.

Me in blue, my sister in pink. 2010

In my posts, I’ll be sharing with you bits and pieces of her courageous journey with breast cancer. Along with stories we shared over chamomile tea, our most memorable conversations closer to her death and her advice on life. And mostly those dreams she encouraged me to reach once she knew she herself was unable to.

Travel the world. See many places. Explore other cultures. Their languages. Their lives.

Above all be strong. Always stay strong. No matter what.

Strength will get you through life’s most difficult times…


I’m left without a sister, a fun aunt my children adored and the best woman friend I’ve known my whole life. She’s my guardian angel now and forever. And since her loss, I’m grateful for all the amazing sisters I’ve gained.

God has been so incredible in this difficult time. Truly amazing. He helped me get through this period of grief and healing. And for that, I am beyond blessed. Along with a supportive group of people who continue to pull me through. So grateful for all of you.

Thank you.


And my calling from God is to share her story with the world…

Happy reading!