Angels Within Reach

How beautiful is it to cherish every blessing that comes our way. The gift of having others in our lives and the time spent with them, creating endless memories along the way.

Those living souls that shine light into our hearts, inspire us to live fully and love without limits. Those who find time in their busy lives to acknowledge us and simply be there. Actively listen and be present.

A priceless gift of their presence that impacts our lives daily.

People matter most…

Those earthly angels within reach…

Our family, friends, children, our elders, the sick, lonely and the young. And even those strangers we meet along the way that change us and reshape our perspectives on life.

Every being that touches our heart in some way helps us see the worth of each moment and our heart only gets stronger because of them.

They matter to you and you matter to them.

We inspire one another…

We are all connected in some way. It may not be evident now but God put people in our lives at the perfect time.
The right time at the right place.

He knew exactly who to place within our lives, just as He knew the reasons for doing so. And He knows everything that lies ahead of us.


When I lost my only sister to breast cancer in 2017, I lost a big piece of my heart, too. A piece that I will never get back because it cannot be replaced by anyone else. My sister is gone and no one can take her place.

(Click HERE “The Heaven Telephone” to read a “glimpse” of her story.)

My heart will take a lifetime to heal and I’m learning to accept that. And until we meet again, I will honor my sister’s life by continuing to live mine, love more and be grateful for every single day that God gives me.


Our hearts change after a loss…

Losing a loved one changes you permanently. It teaches you things you might have overlooked before and now see more clearly. Every moment matters. Each day counts. People mean so much more.

You begin to see the tremendous value of someone’s life and how meaningful each day spent with them is.

Every single day matters…

How our hearts open to others is a reflection of our own peace and happiness in our lives. The more time we find, the more time we can give to others. And the more love we give to others, the appreciation for human life grows further and fulfills us on a deeper level.

Time with others is love, especially when time is all you have left to give.


Hold on to love…

Because one day, heaven will take the ones we love and that tragic loss will change you in a million ways. You’ll wish for more time with them and you’ll do anything to get reassurance of their eternal happiness.

To make peace within your heart and let it know that your loved one is safe, happy and loved in a world we cannot see yet can only imagine…

You’ll pray for days, weeks, months and years. Hoping to see them once more. To spend just one more day with them.

Oh how much I wish for just ONE more day with my sister….

One more trip to IKEA with her. One more homemade soup to cook with her. One more song to sing with her. One more show to watch with her. One more errand to run with her. One more phone call to make to hear her voice. One more story or laughter to share with her. One more silly argument to have with her. One more cup of lemon ginger tea to sip with her.

Just ONE MORE DAY spent entirely with her…

I would do anything to get one more day with her. Because one day is a very long time when one day is all you have to HOPE for.

And hoping for the impossible can last a lifetime.

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Cherish today because tomorrow isn’t up to us.

Open your heart to what matters most. The people in your life and time spent with them. Each day is a gift. Live it like it was all you have.

Appreciate it and be grateful it came your way.

Today is your day so spread the love and uplift another heart.

Angels are within reach…

4 thoughts on “Angels Within Reach

  1. Thank you! After losing my sister, I learned so much about life, people, relationships, grief and so forth. Time is definitely precious and I wish I had more of it with her. I appreciate your kind words 🙂


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