Angels Within Reach

How beautiful is it to cherish every blessing that comes our way. The gift of having others in our lives and the time spent with them, creating endless memories along the way. Those living souls that shine light into our hearts, inspire us to live fully and love without limits. Those who find time in … Continue reading Angels Within Reach

Always Sisters

We will always be sisters, no matter how far heaven is... The distance between us is minimal when our hearts are inseparable. Together forever. Never apart. Always close. Hope you're having a great day in heaven... Miss you so much!

Across The Water

"Irish Blessing" by Bill Leslie Iza took her last breaths surrounded by family while this song was playing in the background. Tears simply pour out every time I listen to this song.  My heavenly sister, I reassure myself that you're just across the water. And I know you see us back home, watching over … Continue reading Across The Water

Memorial Tree

A big thank you to my husband, Kyle and his best friend, Adam for surprising me with this beautiful gift:Planting a memorial tree for my sister's ONE YEAR heaven anniversary on April 5, 2018. A beautiful red oak tree honoring my sister's life and her last days spent with us in Bolingbrook. A tree that will … Continue reading Memorial Tree

Dream Angel

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were together again in a dream. We were in Poland, laughing and talking with our grandmother beside us. A delicious stew was simmering in the kitchen while our babcia was preparing her homemade apple knotted cake. The sun was setting, bringing forth peace into our evening as … Continue reading Dream Angel