Eternal Light

Grief is a lifelong journey. Some days are great and others are filled with tears. Yet, we continue to cherish the life God gave us. And it's true. Sometimes amidst the darkest moments, we must find light and love where we are.¬†We are alive with so much to live for. So many moments to capture... … Continue reading Eternal Light

Hopeful Day

Great song for us to stay hopeful... One day we will be with our loved ones in heaven, enjoying our life together like we did when they were here with us. No fears, sickness, tears, sadness or anger. Only pure joy and endless happiness. An abundance of love. The promised, magnificent heaven. Our father's home... reading Hopeful Day

Traveling Paws

A few years before my sister passed, she talked about taking a road trip to Tennessee. Pack up, head south and spend a week in a rustic cabin amidst the beautiful Smokey Mountains. Enjoy the breath-taking views from our balcony. And simply relax... Just like we did on those breezy summer days back in Poland. … Continue reading Traveling Paws

A New Day

How beautiful it is to focus on the little blessings that mean so much... How much depth they carry to get us through... Faith, hope and the strongest of all... Love... The love surrounding us and the love we give to others. Beautiful unfailing love... And through it all, we are not alone. We put … Continue reading A New Day

Bit of Heaven

  Heaven is all around us. And those we love and lost will always remain near us. They will never leave or forget us. Just as we will never forget them. They will only surround us in their everlasting eternal love. And provide hope amidst our tears and pain. They are all around... "My dear … Continue reading Bit of Heaven