Dream Angel

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were together again in a dream. We were in Poland, laughing and talking with our grandmother beside us. A delicious stew was simmering in the kitchen while our babcia was preparing her homemade apple knotted cake.

The sun was setting, bringing forth peace into our evening as our conversations continued…

How amazing is that?

Being with the one you lost in this world yet continue to see in heaven. A world beyond our imagination. A mystical reality that brings us hope and peace.

An eternity we hope for and believe in…

A life we have a chance to see when we ask God to show us. How heaven is and what it’s like for our loved ones.


Dreams are real and they inspire us to believe in the unseen. They bring light into our lives, reviving our spirits and encouraging us to believe.

To truly believe there is life beyond the horizon.

Eternal life is just beyond the clouds…

And God gives us a glimpse of eternity every time we see our loved ones who went before us.


God makes it all possible. Always…

Believe and you will see the person you lost here but will forever have in heaven…

7 thoughts on “Dream Angel

    1. Anytime Adam. It is such a beautiful thing to have dreams of our loved ones. I had so many with my sister since she passed and I am beyond grateful. Because of these consistent dreams God sends me, I have grown spiritually and believe in eternity more with each day that passes. It’s as though I’m seeing heaven with my sister in it every time these dreams come my way. AMAZING! Have you experienced something similar with your mom?

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