Eternal Light

Grief is a lifelong journey. Some days are great and others are filled with tears. Yet, we continue to cherish the life God gave us.

And it’s true. Sometimes amidst the darkest moments, we must find light and love where we are. We are alive with so much to live for.

So many moments to capture…


And we are blessed beyond words. Look around you and find endless reasons to make each day count.

We are lucky. We are loved. We have a purpose.

Our hearts are so strong…

We are here to show our loved ones in heaven that our life has so much meaning. And until we meet again, we will smile because of our hope for what lies ahead.

Eternal beauty…

Alongside tears and sadness, we are joyful because we know eternal life is ahead. Just as God promised. And we see the light. It surrounds us every day.

The sparkling love that shines from above, letting us know that our loved ones are smiling and enjoying their life in heaven.

May the light always shine on you. 


Love you, Iza!



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