To anyone who wasn’t aware of my sister’s illness…

I recently lost my amazing sister, Izabela Anna Kalinowska to breast cancer. She was only 41 with a promising life to live ahead. I’ve seen her entire journey til the end and honestly, I cannot describe in words the kind of strength and courage she portrayed as she endured this battle close to a decade. It’s never easy to see your sibling die right before your eyes, wrapped in your arms. Taking her last breath.  And really. Who is ever ready for that? No one. Not a single soul.

And yet breast cancer deaths happen so often. Every day. About 40,000+ women in the US are expected to die from breast cancer in 2018. A statistic we definitely don’t like.


In my eyes, cancer patients are living miracles. 

Heroes. True warriors. Fighters. Survivors. Angels on Earth. Wrapped in heavenly love. God’s ferocious blessings.

Miracles. And they never give up. Ever.


Thank you for being a part of my sister’s memoir. Her words. Her life. Her amazing story. True. Unfiltered. Beautiful. Real. And written exactly as she would’ve done for me. If lives were reversed. Here is to you! My one and only…


The strongest, most persistent woman I’ve ever known. An awesome sister. A loving daughter. And the coolest aunt any toddler could ask for. 


Love you for life! Heaven is lucky to have you…