Traveling Paws

A few years before my sister passed, she talked about taking a road trip to Tennessee. Pack up, head south and spend a week in a rustic cabin amidst the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

Enjoy the breath-taking views from our balcony.

And simply relax…

Just like we did on those breezy summer days back in Poland. When we were young and free. Playing outside, swinging and laughing while creating our bucket lists in the 90s.

Just us two sisters…

Yet we didn’t get that chance. To bond as sisters on a road trip to Tennessee. One she hoped for and I promised to take in the future. When she’s cancer-free and ready for some cross-country adventures.

She may have not made it there with me but in honor of her wishes, we did take a part of her to Tennessee with us. Her cute little Maltese furball who turns 9 this Fall.

He went on his first 10 hour road trip this week. He enjoyed the drive and handled it very well. Mostly because he was smothered with our kids’ love and entertained by his best friend, Olek. Our chocolate lab who loves him to pieces and never left his side.

And surprisingly he was more attached to Kyle than anyone else. Kubus rested on his arm most of the way and found peace by his side.

Awww doggy love…

These two were simply adorable.

They bonded like never before. And Dylan was amazing with him, too. He showed endless amounts of affection towards him, following through with his promise to care for his aunt’s furry companion.

I could only imagine how happy that made my sister in heaven. How impressed she was at how well Kubus handled such a long road trip.

The trip I wish I could’ve taken my sister with…

I’m sure she was smiling the entire time he spent his time in the Smokies. As he received streams of love from his new forever adoptive family.

Hope this trip brightened my sister’s heart, reassuring her that Kubus is happy, safe and beyond loved.

He is now a little traveler. Leaving paw prints behind in various states.

And I hope Iza embraces her spiritual guidance over us as our adventures with Kubus continue…

4 thoughts on “Traveling Paws

  1. I loved reading about your trip! I’m glad you have countless memories of the adventure and it’s beautiful how perfectly connected it was with Iza…God bless you all!


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