A New Day

How beautiful it is to focus on the little blessings that mean so much…

How much depth they carry to get us through…

Faith, hope and the strongest of all…


The love surrounding us and the love we give to others.

Beautiful unfailing love…


And through it all, we are not alone. We put our faith in God’s hands and look up to Him.

We trust that He is taking good care of our loved ones in heaven. Just as He did when they were with us here on Earth.

“My strong sister,

I hope Jesus is just as you imagined Him to be. I still remember all of our conversations about God and heaven together. That difficult final year of your life with us. How much peace and clarity it brought you...”

Now I understand more of what you meant and why you were ready to go.

And why the road towards your final days were a blessing in your eyes.

God is great. He is our healer and everything we need during a tough time. He provides comfort and hope when grief overwhelms our heart and leaves us drowning in tears.

He brings peace into our lives and restores our heart when it needs it most.

God gives us days to love and live…

And He waits patiently as we regain our strength after losing someone we love.

The hardest part of life that we may not fully accept as the years go on.


With every breath you take, your loved one feels it. They are near. They see you and always will.

Cherish their life by living yours…

Remember them and all the reasons they gave you to keep living, loving, smiling and appreciating what you have.

You are blessed with another day.

Embrace it and be grateful for today…


“Missing you is hard but I promise to live and love fiercely. Just as you did before you left this world and joined God in heaven.”

Love you so much, Iza!

2 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Great post Evvy! 1 Corinthians 13:13 is one of my favorites…God has gifted us with an infinite amount of his love that we can all share with one another. ❤️

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