Remembering You

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember the amazing people we lost and heaven gained. Days like today aren’t easy. Some of us are moving forward, healing slowly while others are not quite there yet. Sometimes, it’s a mix of both.

And that’s perfectly alright.

Coping with a loss is tough. And healing takes time. I understand. I’ve been there and still am. But you’re never alone.

Grief is a difficult path we must walk on…



There are so many unanswered questions we still seek. We’re hopeful. Pray often and still wonder why. We’re leaning on God’s voice to get us through. Because we know He understands grief very well. So put your faith and trust in His hands.

He will help you on this difficult journey.

He will never let you down.


It’s tough when holidays or special occasions come around and fill us with memories of our loved ones. We close our eyes and hope we can see or hear that. Laugh with them or hug them. Imagine they’re near us.

But we can’t and that’s when tears take over.

A weeping that only those who loved and lost understand.


In my eyes, tears are a blessing. They are a form of communication with the deceased. They connect us with heaven. Open up our hearts and release our true emotions.

Our honesty. Our love. Our everything.

Tears are a life-long fountain of love that bring life to our soul. 

Our loved ones see the tears we cry. They feel them and appreciate the depth of our love for them. My sister knows when I miss her. She feels it and I do, too.


Today as I laid on the hammock outside with my kids, I prayed for a sign of my sister’s happiness. I closed my eyes and pictured us together. Within a few minutes, I saw the sunlight beaming at us right through the trees. A sign that she’s listening and sending love our way.

So beautiful and serene…

Sounds simple, yes. I know. And it is. And that’s the beauty of it. Those little signs that are spiritual messages sent from those in heaven.

Divine love through thin air on a hot day.

Listen to your inner voice. Speak out to those above. Believe and have faith. Those in heaven will send signs your way. They will comfort you and provide peace wherever you are. And they are waiting to hear from you.

Cherish this blessing and remember their love forever.

They are just beyond the clouds…

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Love you, Iza!





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