Worth It

Oh Dr.Seuss! Such great words to live by and remind our heart that life is precious. Fragile. Short.

Yet beautiful beyond words.

Life is a gift.

Not easy. Not hard. But somewhere in between. And each day has such depth. So much worth.

Life is a perfect balance of it all…

“If it changes your life, let it.”

We may not understand why a loss comes our way. We may be seeking answers our entire lives and not get them. The worst happens. Knocks at our door when we were least prepared to face it.


But somehow, we must embrace the unexplained and live on. And remember that our loved ones are near and will remain in our hearts forever.

Always beside us.

Guiding our pathways here…

Lets make each day count. Complain less. Live more. Give back.

Make someone smile.

And love lots.

It is always worth it…

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