Time Is A Gift

Time is a gift filled with memories of our lives. We can be grateful for it as our days go on or complain about how there isn't enough of it. We have a choice to appreciate and love it. And as our lives move forward, we mature with each minute we are given to live … Continue reading Time Is A Gift

First Heaven Anniversary

Today is my sister's one year anniversary in heaven. Happy one year of eternal bliss my lovely sister! You must be rocking out to some of your favorite 80s hits with grandma, enjoying heavenly fresh air and most likely hanging out with the Cranberries star Dolores O'Riordan. I do wish I was there to see … Continue reading First Heaven Anniversary

The Healing Heart

As my sister's one year heaven anniversary approaches, I can feel a healing mist come over me, reassuring my heart that my sister is smiling. She is wrapped in God's love blooming with happiness. Her angelic life where cancer is unheard of is now permanent. She is cared for in the best way ever. God … Continue reading The Healing Heart


I loved listening to my sister's stories about traveling. Her favorite spots in the Caribbean and her destinations across the west coast of America. She often shared how interesting her road trips were to Boston, New York, Florida and the cities across Interstate 70. Among a few others that filled her with laughter were the … Continue reading Seagulls

Closer In Prayer

A few days ago I began meditating in hopes of further connecting with my angel sister. I closed my eyes, laid on the floor and listened to a guided meditation video. It was midnight, our kids were asleep and my heart was ready. I let go of any negative flow surrounding my mind and began … Continue reading Closer In Prayer

Birthday Wish

Today is December 16, 2017. If you were here alive with us today, you'd be 42. Instead you're celebrating your first eternal birthday in heaven. I'm not sure how birthdays are honored in God's home above. However I picture those special days quite joyous, filled with lots of love, yummy cake and flickering candles. I … Continue reading Birthday Wish

Coffee Break

Exactly one year ago on a beautiful autumn afternoon, my sister and I were shopping at IKEA going over our Christmas lists and wishes. We drank our delicious Swedish coffee and talked about how much we miss our grandma. We shared many fun traveling ideas and the more coffee we drank, the more excited we … Continue reading Coffee Break