Postcard From Heaven

God is truly amazing and the things He does are clearly seen in everyday life. He answers our prayers and listens with an open heart. He understands our needs and is always within reach. He shows us things beyond belief and leads us towards pathways of love. He sends us postcards from heaven. The home where … Continue reading Postcard From Heaven

I Feel You Smiling

The spiritual connection with the other side grows intensely when you lose a loved one. A language spoken directly with the one you lost and miss so much. Gone from Earth but living joyfully in God's home. Always surrounding you. Filling your life with ongoing prayers wherever you go. It is as though you've started … Continue reading I Feel You Smiling

Rainbow Heart

Aunts have a very sparkly approach to their nieces and nephews, spoiling them in every way possible. It is simply their specialty. It's in their genes. Inherently unique. They allow everything, anytime and anywhere. And that is why my kids loved Iza way too much. "To the moon and back." Around the Earth. Back again. Kissed her … Continue reading Rainbow Heart

Eternally Safe

Two months after my sister’s death, the most beautiful dream has awoken me. The best ever! I looked at my phone and the date was 4/11/17.  Just 4 days following my 33rd birthday. Six days after she died. Less than a week. More than a few days. About 150 hours later. Wondering what exactly that … Continue reading Eternally Safe

Strength Beyond Chemo

Chemo therapy was harsh on my sister's body, bringing on hourly episodes of pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, appetite loss and difficulty breathing. First series, she handled it like a champ. Laughed through it. Smiled with her nurses. Lashed out about the needles she hated but had to endure. Shared stories of our times in Poland … Continue reading Strength Beyond Chemo