I Feel You Smiling

The spiritual connection with the other side grows intensely when you lose a loved one. A language spoken directly with the one you lost and miss so much. Gone from Earth but living joyfully in God’s home. Always surrounding you. Filling your life with ongoing prayers wherever you go. It is as though you’ve started a relationship with eternity. Very beautiful and unique, touching your heart in so many ways. A deep eternal security acquainted with you on Earth from someone who awaits your soul in heaven.

Peaceful overflow of your mind.

Pure tranquility.

Those past worries are now diffusing with each day. They have positively impacted your emotional spiral and are no longer draining you within. You’re free. Your heart is lighter. It carries less tears and more laughter. The countless stages of grief are eluding into a wondrous joy. Your spirit shines within you and your soul is smiling. Your loved one is smiling. And you’re smiling back at them.

A smiling duet of love. Unconditional. Within God’s reach.

A journey of spiritual happiness.


For months the grief has been intense. Waking you up at night. Bringing forth flashbacks of your deceased loved one. Sick. Suffering. Asking God so many questions. Awaiting answers. But this time they’re alive and happy. Smiling beside you. Holding your hand. Reassuring you so kindly that they’re in good hands. Letting you know of God’s endless hugs surrounding them forever.

Eternal love like no other.

You feel the tears coming and suddenly you’re smiling. The red robins appear everywhere. You see a rainbow in the garden. You hear their favorite song on the radio. Their movies now play frequently. Perhaps the history channel. Lifetime. Documentaries. Cooking shows. And then you feel their strength near you. Smiling. Again. And again. You cannot see the actual smile but your loved one above is uplifting your day. In a very mystical way. And you’re smiling because you feel that one person with you. The loved one you lost and now got back. So close. So near. Beside you.

The distance is gone. It’s meaning vanished and time is no longer relevant.



Your loved one is here. Always. Within your heart. In every prayer. Awake or not, your angel protects you, guiding you toward the right paths. Living within you and filling your heart with joy. Smiling amidst all your grief and worries. As Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote in On Life After Death, “We are never ever alone. We are surrounded by beings who guide us, who love us, who protect us, who try to direct us, to help us follow the track that will fulfill our destiny.”


How beautiful is God’s gift?

That blessing coming your way more often than ever before. That one guardian angel He sent to reassure your happiness. And only someone who truly believes in life beyond the physical existence on Earth will one day themselves capture that moment. That empowering, unseen, heart-warming smile. A gentle touch of eternal paradise sent from above. Felt on Earth. Mesmerizing. Too spiritually-dense to just put in words.

Mystical and like no other.

Beautiful English countryside landscape over rolling hills

God is extending His passage of eternal love your way. Cherish it. Feel it.

And smile back often.

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