Postcard From Heaven

God is truly amazing and the things He does are clearly seen in everyday life. He answers our prayers and listens with an open heart. He understands our needs and is always within reach. He shows us things beyond belief and leads us towards pathways of love. He sends us postcards from heaven. The home where your loved ones now live. The home I continue to revisit in my dreams as I pray to see my sister. Because of my faith in God, I have seen Iza’s eternal joy above once more. And with each day that passes, I believe more and more that she’s safe and happy in heaven.

Her new home. Her forever home. Heaven. And I was there. 

The day before my dream, I was driving amidst a serene sunset and prayed in my car. I asked God if he could let me know how my sister is doing in heaven. Is she happy? Smiling? Laughing? Drinking tea with our grandma? Taking a walk in the park with Jesus? What is her life like? How is her time spent? Is there a way to know? Perhaps get a quick glimpse of her happiness when I close my eyes. Relax. Meditate. Just breathe in and out. And fully trust God. Because He is the way.

That same night my prayers were answered. August 5, four months exactly following her departure from this world and into the next. A more promising one. God heard me and took me to heaven. He led me to Iza and I saw her. I held her hand and saw her face. I was with her and she soothed my grieving heart with such spiritual embrace.

A powerful healing…


The sun was out and I was strolling very slowly on top of soft fluffy whiteness. Most likely cotton-like clouds beneath me, keeping me afloat with each step I took. Greenery on both sides of this beautiful path. No big trees in sight. Just tall vibrant green grass meadows stretching towards the horizon. No sounds. No birds. No bugs. Just pure peace like I’ve never experienced before. Calmness at its peak. Heaven. 

Just then, I looked up and there she was. Approaching me with such ease. Smiling. Looking right at me. Wearing her favorite olive colored silk shirt and knee high black skirt. Hair brushed to the side and makeup beautifully done. The neutral bronze tones which she loved and always wore. Til her last days. So pretty and care-free. And that life she left behind on Earth she was now fully reliving. This time in her most perfect image. Her eternal soul was now vividly alive. In a way only heaven can capture.

Eternal life plus so much more. Her better life. 


I was intrigued beyond words when my sister approached me. She held my hand and looked at me with such depth. Mystical. Captivating. Embracing her eternal safety over me. Reassuring me that her life within those heavenly pathways is meaningful beyond compare. Worth so much more than we on Earth could imagine.

We talked and laughed for hours. Seemed like minutes to me. Our conversations were gently echoing spiritual love across the heavenly meadows. I was in heaven with my beautiful sister. Listening to her. Holding her hand. Barely blinking. Uplifted by every word she spoke. Her guiding message…

“Iza, I miss you so much. Please come back home. You need to come home. We are waiting for you. All of us want you back.”

She held my hand with such strength, leaned closer and whispered.

“This is my home now.”

And she began to pull away. She let go of my hand and started to walk back. Slowly vanishing into the thin clouds. She was leaving me. Pushing me away. Towards the darker clouds. Earth.

“Go back. This is not your home yet.”

And within seconds, she was gone. Back with her Heavenly Father.

Her Home. Her Heaven. Her eternity. Exactly where she wants to be. 


Her message was clear. My home is my family. And my family is my home. She awaits my arrival. One day. When the time is right. But not yet. I have not finished living my life here. Raising my family, caring for and loving those still here. And she doesn’t want me up there just yet. She knows when we’ll meet again. In a dream. Perhaps next week. Next month. Her birthday in December. Her heaven hello anniversary in April. Or any other day she chooses. And we’ll talk again. Walk together. Smile. Laugh. Hold hands. Hug.


Thank you again for our sisterly encounter in heaven. It was a dream I never thought would be possible. And there I was. Taking a walk in heaven with my sister. God gave me a glimpse of it. A portrait of eternal happiness of those we love and lost. A message from our loved ones sent directly to our dreams.

Postcards from Heaven. 

Heaven is real and so are all our dreams.  Have faith. Pray often.

Trust God. He will show you the way.

Your dream will come…

4 thoughts on “Postcard From Heaven

  1. your words are so beautiful and yes we should have faith. I miss her too she is deeply missed. She is right your home is here you need to be here for your love ones they need you and she Iza will be in haven looking down on you and smiling. Even though she is in haven now, she make a difference in our lives. She is my inspiration, support system and she give me power to continue live.

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    1. Thank you Aneta. So many moments throughout the day remind me of Iza. She was so strong and courageous, goofy and just so free! She gave me great advice about life and so much more. Ill share all those things with time. Thanks for your reply!


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