There is so much beauty in the quiet moments along the shores. The fresh breeze. The light wind. The sound of seagulls flying over you. The peaceful waves sweeping over the beach pebbles and shells. Time stands still. And the sunrise eases your worries, warms your heart and refreshes your soul. Inner peace has found you…

Oh how we wish for those moments so often. Amidst our busy days in the city life. Escape reality and seek true peace found on little specks of our planet. The little things. Those simple moments we ask and pray for so often. That internal longing that takes you back to your childhood and immerses you in God’s presence. The wind. The soft sand. The warmth of our sun. The calming lakefront on a cool summer day. The splashing waters. Serene sunsets and beautiful morning sunrises.

Those moments which God gave us in abundance. Always free. Within our reach wherever we go. Cleansing our hearts and encouraging us to love the simple non-complex parts of our lives. Connect with the pure joys and find time for what matters. Hug the unseen. Love and feel blessed for what makes us smile.

The calming spiritual depth of the horizon surrounding us in every direction.


The hours zoom by. Turn into days. Then weeks and months. And suddenly you’re a bit older. More tired. More likely to create excuses about how difficult it is to diffuse your stress and refresh. Increase your happiness and calm down. Close your eyes. Sit back. Engage in the simplicity of life’s most basic needs. Lose yourself in life’s serene wonders and discover nature’s strongest medicine of all.

The air we breathe…

The breaths of our souls…

That key ingredient in what keeps us alive. That’s what kept my sister alive til the end. Oxygen. Her lack of it led her to heaven and my surplus of it kept me here on Earth. Such a tiny thing that separated my life from her death. Yet those breaths are so often taken for granted. The fresh air of lifeThe clouds, wind, sunsets, cool breeze, countless stars and so much more…

Priceless. Plentiful. Given by our God. An amazing Father who never fails us. Gives us more than we need and doesn’t expect anything back. Just a commitment to love Him and let our hearts absorb all the love He gave us. Bliss on Earth as is in Heaven.

However we imagine Heaven is…

Because the kind of eternity we envision we will one day see…


When my sister’s cancer progressed a few months before she passed, we talked about the things that really matter. Those little moments that mean so much. Times spent together. Tiny portions of our lives that are simply dedicated to one another. Creating a thread of memories that encourage happiness and bring us closer to God.

“What is one thing you would love to do right now if you weren’t sick?” I asked her.

“Travel. Pack a bag and just go.”

“What if you didn’t have money but instead had lots of time?”

“Oh! I would spend my days by the beach. Close my eyes. Feel the wind. And listen to the waves. Just relax by the shore… ”

“Sounds great! Do you want to go?” I asked knowing it’s been weeks since she left her condo.

“I would if I could only walk,” she replied softly.

And then I realized how severe her illness has become. It drained all her strength. Emptied her energy levels. And eventually depleted her oxygen til her lungs gave out. And her heart stopped. Her last breaths taken right in front of our eyes. A tragic scene one doesn’t ever wish to relive. And for me, the world is a much different place since she left. Her soul lives in me forever. And her eternal love guides my heart as I recapture our greatest memories together in this world beneath hers.

Truly, we are now two souls in one body.  Just a thousand miles apart…


She wished for that fresh air. The cool autumn breeze by the lake. The soft wind against her hair. The quiet sunset. The peace best felt by quiet shorelines. Feet in the sand. Eyes closed. Prayers heard. As God spoke to her and now speaks to me…

Along quiet shorelines…

Those beautiful lakefronts that many of the sick wish to feel as their days are counted. When deep within their hearts they know God is calling them. Waiting for their rebirth to another life. A promised one which they will love and enjoy forever. One with eternal shorelines sweeping their feet as needed.  No more wishes. They are now the new life. The eternal life. Whatever is needed is provided by our Heavenly Father. 

The peace awaits you. Take it all in and embrace it…

Breathe in and breathe out. Because you can.

The time is yours..

I hope Iza’s shorelines in heaven are as beautiful as she imagined. 

Love you!




8 thoughts on “Shorelines

  1. This is very a powerful tribute Ewelina. I am very sorry for the loss of your sister. It would have been so hard to witness this cancer literally drain the life from her. Though she was not able to make it to an earthly lakefront the one in glory that God has called her to would be incredible. Thank you for sharing this so deep, personal and beautifully.

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  2. Those memories are so beautiful and precious. Love your posts, love to read them. God gives us blessing and don’t want anything in return. I know Iza is so proud of you. You are very strong and kind person. I enjoy your posts please keep sharing them. God Bless you.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading them and being supportive in such a tough time. I miss her so much. Its hard to explain how difficult it is on some days. I try my hardest to be strong yet there are days when emotions are simply uncontrollable. Losing her was the worst moment of my life. But I do believe that she is in a much better and more comforting place. Thanks again Aneta!


  3. So proud of you and your beautiful words. You honor your sister everyday in such special ways and I just know she is smiling down and appreciating all of it. Love you

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  4. Evvy, thank you for sharing and for honoring your sister in your thoughts, prayers, and posts. Family is a true gift from God and I am comforted by knowing that God is a relational/family oriented God. He lives in relationship (Father/Son/Holy Ghost) and he understands our pain. He sent His son to die a cruel death for us (John 3:16, Roman 5:8). He had great plans for us as He promises to wipe away every year for those that love Him (Revelation 21:4). Thanks again for sharing!

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