Eternally Safe

Two months after my sister’s death, the most beautiful dream has awoken me. The best ever! I looked at my phone and the date was 4/11/17. 

Just 4 days following my 33rd birthday. Six days after she died. Less than a week. More than a few days. About 150 hours later. Wondering what exactly that date meant. And I called her on that specific day in the morning. Did she enter God’s home that day? Did He welcome her with open arms and a warm hello? Seems so early. Yet she made it safely there. It must mean something. More than I could figure out at this moment.

Every day has a meaning. Every moment. Every hour. Every minute. God gives us a reason to have that moment.

April 11, 2017 was my sister’s blissful moment.

I called her, she picked up and we had such a fun conversation. We talked about everything and laughed a ton. Her voice was so upbeat and full of energy. She was clearly cancer-free and purely happy. We giggled over the silliest things and had tears from laughter cleansing our cheeks. Our mother was the peak of our conversations, especially when reminiscing our childhood and our move to America. We talked about how thankful we are of the sisters we’ve became and how close we’ve grown over the last few years.

Heaven welcomed her.


And her cancer was gone.


FOREVER erased by eternal life.

Heaven pic #1
Heaven speaks…

The waves of peace were at my side, blossoming in my heart from hearing her voice. That awesome voice that shifted my day towards happiness.

What a peaceful, heart-felt dream.  I heard her voice from heaven healing my heart. My sister spoke to me. She let me know how amazing heaven is and that she is beyond happy there, eternally safe in God’s care. Oh how I wished this dream would never end. I wished it wasn’t a dream. But it was. Heaven speaks. And my guardian angel spoke to me like never before.
Thank you God for sending me this message, reassuring me that my beloved sister is safe in heaven surrounded in Your ever-lasting loving care. I am beyond grateful.

I do wish for more dreams like that. To reconnect with sister. Serene. Reassuring. Beautiful. Beyond beautiful. And after a dream like that, I finally believe heaven is a place we shouldn’t fear. I don’t. Why should I? That is the place I will see my sister again. That’s the place all of us will see our loved ones again. They’re not gone. They’re near us and safe in heaven. And I can’t wait to see Iza again.

Keep heaven sparkling with your love.

Spread it. Share it. Embrace it.

You are now eternally safe.


4 thoughts on “Eternally Safe

  1. You speak of a beautiful dream and I do think it was a message that she is at peace… I am wishing you days of kindness like what you’ve shown in the comments area here and in your post xx

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  2. What a beautiful dream! A few days after my father died, and I returned to my home an hour away, I had a dream of my father, except it felt too real to be a dream. He came into my bedroom with a big smile. I tried to wake my husband but I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. My father came and sat on the bed beside me and still smiling at me, he put his hand on my leg and I was filled with such a peaceful happy energy, something I had never felt before or since. I called my mother the next day and she told me she had dreamed that night too and saw my father smiling standing at the foot of her bed, and then he walked over and kissed her. Although I still cried over the loss of my father, that dream made me feel that he really was in a better place.

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    1. So happy you had such an amazing dream. That fully means your father reached peace in heaven. Eternal life welcomed him with love. He wanted to reassure you that he’s ok and happy with God above. I’m praying for you and your family. Sending hugs your way.

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