Closer In Prayer

A few days ago I began meditating in hopes of further connecting with my angel sister. I closed my eyes, laid on the floor and listened to a guided meditation video. It was midnight, our kids were asleep and my heart was ready. I let go of any negative flow surrounding my mind and began breathing deeply, inhaling my sister’s favorite mix of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. I was ready for a miraculous hypnosis which may take me to heaven. In my mind. And really, I was just longing for a glimpse of my sister’s life. Perhaps I’d see her again laughing, drinking her green ginger tea in a blooming lily field, humming her 80’s Madonna songs or singing The Cranberries tunes from the 90’s.

I was simply praying for her heavenly image…


Ten minutes passed and I was already embraced with a powerful calmness. It took over my mind and body and led me to a place of total tranquility.  The softly spoken words of Michael Sealey disengaged me from reality. I began to visualize a sanctuary of peace. A divine person who left me 9 months ago. Slowly I began to feel an emotional mist of of love and gratitude. Every breath was meaningful. My lungs were in awe of this place. My heart was redirecting my path of thinking, creating a perfect moment.

Infinite calm…

Lovely. Serene. Beautiful. Lit by a volcanic sunrise. 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” – Colossians 3:15

I wanted to see my sister underneath all the worries, tears and stresses of life. I missed her so much and I just wanted to see her again. Suddenly, I began to weep. Tears were flowing through my closed eyes. I was struck with joy and didn’t want to wake up. I was allured by what my heart was feeling. Images of her were forming in my mind and it felt so real. Like she was right next to me…

My sister and I were together on top of a mountain. We were watching the sunset as it guided our inner peace. We were smiling and trying our best to relax. We didn’t talk much, just laughed and breathed in the fresh crisp air. We were snug and content, connecting in a very unique way. Like sisters do even when words aren’t spoken. We were just “us” in a different part of the world, trying to make the most of this moment. 

Together again. Closer in prayer.

Strengthening our sister bond along the cliff side horizon. 


The happy tears continued as I began to feel her near me. I knew she was just a few breaths away. In a spiritual way, we actually never parted. She only left this world to go to a much better one. Eternal paradise. And she waits on me patiently beyond the clouds and stars, the rising sun, moonlight and all the beauty above. Just across the horizon, a very short distance away…

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guide your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7

I spoke to God thousands of times in my life and I continue to do so quite often. I don’t need the perfect timing or place to do so. I am very comfortable with His devoted presence anywhere I go. And my life has more spiritual depth because I fully trust Him. And this devoted faith in Him led me to what I prayed for. Iza. I didn’t want this hypnotic moment of sisterly love to end so I asked for a dream as I finished meditating. And that night, my dream came true. I was with Iza once more.


I truly believe that through prayer, anything is possible. So pray often. Pray anywhere. Pray anytime. Relax your mind and call out to your Heavenly Father. He will answer your prayers. You will be heard. When you seek Him, you will find Him. And within those prayers, you will hear and see what you thought was unimaginable. A simple prayer, heard, understood and effectively carried out all because you trust and love Him. And forever will…

God gave me the exact dream I envisioned that same night. With His guidance, He led me to the place I didn’t want to leave. He took me to my sister and gave us a chance to bond. He was so happy to see us both smiling amidst the warm cliff side sunset. Joyously enjoying every minute we had together in His home. Her home. A glimpse of her paradise. Peaceful and beautiful along the warm Heavenly sunset.


My sister is with God at all times. She walks in His kingdom and is free. Eternally alive and always happy. And I feel it all through continuous prayer. The more I pray and seek her in my prayers, the more heavenly visions I receive. And that’s the intensity of prayer. The more you pray, the closer you become with God and all those in heaven. Your eternal commitment becomes a road to clarity.

A heavenly perspective received when you have faith.

A life above the clouds…

And I will see you there again soon…

Love you Izuńka!

***Dolores O’Riordan left this world a few days ago and will be joining you in heaven shortly. She was only 46, just a few years older than you. She was your favorite musician and I’m so happy you’ll get to sing with her now. Cheers to that! In honor of you both, we will be listening to your Cranberries CDS for a while now which by the way… haven’t left my car since you passed. Say hello to Dolores from us!***





10 thoughts on “Closer In Prayer

  1. Evvy,
    Adam shared your beautiful writing with us. It’s very inspirational and moving. It seems that the loss of your sister has helped you find and express your spiritual side.
    Thanks to you and Kyle for being so supportive of Adam.
    Bob and Debbie Stricker

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  2. This might be my favorite one Evvy! It is so amazing to see your faithfulness to God and your spiritual connection to Iza become stronger everyday and I’m thrilled that you share your experiences with us. God bless you and your beautiful family!

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